Having lived in Albuquerque , New Mexico for almost 8 years , my brother
Dan and I are pretty familiar with dumping in the "LAND OF
ENCHANTMENT"aka NEW MEXICO. Our dumping partners were
"Conehead" Jim Hall and "Dancing Don" Bruce. Our "rivals" to the north
were Scott Rollert and Mike Murphy. They did quite well around the Taos
area with finds of Silver State cones, Canadian Ace malt liquor 8oz and
Cream tops to name a few. Joe Summerour and Jay Smith from El Paso
covered the southern part of the state and found ABC OIs. Even Herman
Oswald remembers of finding a quart dump off of old route 66.

Dan and I moved to Albuquerque from Chicago in 1978 and dumped from
day one. We started in the foothills of the Sandia mountains. There was a
small plateau that overlooked the city that must have been a lovers lane. All
around there were hundreds of cans tossed down the slopes resting against
boulders, scrub bushes and cacti. We found 3 different A-1s,Grand
Prizes,Tivolis,Canadian Aces, Hyde Park 75,Mitchells, the scenic Pikes Peaks Malt liquors mixed in with thousands of Luckys,Hamms and Burgies. All of this pretty much in our back yard.

After we exhausted the plateau , we would drive the back and more wooded
side of the mountain. We would dump along the road which went to the top
of Sandia Crest.

This road has been there for at least for 60 years and is prime for dumping.
There are parts of the road that had been improved by smoothing out the
sharp curves and sometimes moving the road over. This created small
sections of overgrown and abandoned roadbeds and camp grounds. These
were located using older maps against new ones and sharp eyes. This is
where we used detectors to locate cans tossed by passing cars and buried
over time. For every one can you saw , there were 5 more buried under leaves
and such only to be found using a metal detector. Again we found Mile His,
Manhattens,A-1s, Tivolis,and black Acmes. One day , Don and I were
working part of an old section of road. I had a radio shack detector and he
had a Whites. Needless to say I wasn't doing so good while Dons was
finding a great deal. So I started searching with Don and he gave me his
detector and said , "here find your own pile". Well ok , lets see ,over by that
log ---BLAMO I found a beautiful concave bottom Century cone top---just
one sorry Don. I also found an edelweiss Ritz cone.

On the way home from that dump , we stopped at an antique shop that had a porch full of old coke machines, signs and assorted junk and 2 beer cans. One was a Boston light ale crown and the other was a Rheingold OI. They were both dumpers . The owner gave them to us for free after shoveling a load of manure from a pick up truck!. How those 2 cans got to New Mexico Ill never know.

We've done many a trip with "Conehead" Jim Hall , driving as far as Santa
Fe, Espanola and Socorro. We hit the mother of all dumps while searching
for this other dump that we had cant miss directions--never did find that one. This one was in Espanola. It was a big area but we weren't finding anything until Jim saw a can half buried and pulled it out and then another and another etc. Soon we had a truck full of A-1 OIs,Tivoli Aristocrats IRTP
(unpictured),Red Fox ale cones (unpictued) Meuhlebach cones and flats,
Coors in red, Coors without "banquet", Ebling ale crowns etc .....
Dan and I went to the Pecos mountains to locate a dump that a guy we met at the flea market told us right by a river , 3 miles long , you cant miss it!-we did. After investigating we found a couple piles of Land of Lakes 16oz. Some of these were faded and you could see a 905 underneath-- a paint over! I have one that is perfectly faded 50/50. A nice addition to my Chicago collection. But we found a smaller dump that had Coors Exports from the 30s,Blatz Heidlebergs flat bottom cones,Blatz ale,some Pabst exports along with the first Schlitz flat top. We even found some Cream Tops! Don Bruce and I went back and had to fight a nest of fire ants to get the rest of the cans out.

There was rust everywhere- small piles of oil cans and junk and then we
found a huge pile of pre-war beer cans. there was about 600 cans in all. All 3
of the first Coors cans and Pabst and Bud OIs. We ended up with 4 cases of
the gold Coors cans , endless Pabst and Buds, 3 Best Hapsburgs and 1

We had several successful dump trips to Socorro , which is about 85 miles
south of home. Again we stooped at an antique shop and got some bottle of the ILLINIOS brewing

co of Socorro for $2 each. I asked the lady if she knew of any old dumps and she said , "they are all dumped out- you wont find anything anyways". But her husband said there's one right across the street behind the bar. BINGO!! This was the infamous Mitchells dump. Mitchell cans everywhere. Plus A-1s ,Bulldogs ,Acme and Jax. found a pile of 30 Blackhawk cones , no rust , but they were all laying face up toward the sun. The seam areas had beautiful colors. But we went home with 2 cases of Mitchells and 4 other cases of assorted flats. Just that day! That dump was productive for another 3 months.

About the only bad thing about New Mexico dumping is the towns and
dumps are far and few between. A lot of dumps were also burned. We still miss our old stomping ground but not too much---since we've dug Leidigs, Nu Deals, Primo ,Monterey cones all out of the same dump!

Good Luck in the Land of Enchantment and save one of those Apache cones we left for you.

Happy Collecting