How many times have you gotten a hot tip on a dump only to have it lead to
no where? I'M sure it's happened to you many times as it happens to me about 99% of the time. To me its that 1% of the time that makes it worthwhile (although I'd like it more if the odds were a little bit more in my favor!).

Having moved to California from New Mexico six months ago I was anxious
to dump some California cans. Not really knowing where to look I asked a lot of collectors out here only to get basically the same replies, "California is all dumped out" or "you should have been here ten years ago!, there were cans all over the place!".Being a Rusty Buncher I just knew there were plenty of cans still out there.

Without any really good leads , my brother Ed and I decided to find the cans
ourselves. We turned up the usual "slag" cans like Lucky , Burgie and Regal but nothing really great. While on one trip , we stopped at a roadside pull off ,looked around and found a really nice 49er by Pacific. Another time we went dumping with a friend and located a super dump. We were only there ten minutes and were pulling out grade 2 Weilands low profiles and flat bottom Rainier cones. We were in hog heaven but that was short lived. The owner of the property ( a real a--hole) chased us off before we could really tear it apart. That hurt knowing there are good cans there and not being able to get to them.

Anyways this leads up to our next find. I was at a local trade session and
was asking EVERYBODY if they knew where any good dumping areas. Again it was the same old song and dance. One collector (Stu Crook) did tell me of a dump but as far as he knew it was dumped out. The last time he was there was five years ago.

Dumped out or not we were going to give this one a try. As it turned out , it was only 45 minutes from home. With this information , I called my brother Ed and devised a plan. Ed was going to check it out Monday after work since I had school that night. He found it right off the bat -perfect directions. He noticed it had been dumped before as there were piles of rust and bottles all over the place. He poked around a little and found a couple of California Gold Labels and took home 3 or 4 mystery cans , then called it quits.

He got home and threw the mystery cans in acid and they turned out to be
Leidigs. They were covered with the best kind of rust - the kind that comes off!! They cleaned up to a very displayable grade 3. He called me up , told me the good news and made plans to attack the dump on Saturday. We thought Saturday would never come. We left early Saturday to get a good start on the dump. When we got to where the dump was , we noticed a driveway adjacent to where would have to enter the woods to get to the dump. We thought there would be no way to get to the dump without being noticed. After being chased away from one dump we didn't want to be 0 for 2. Ed parked his truck up the road a little bit and lifted the hood.

We figured the two guys in the driveway wouldn't be so suspicious of us if it looked like we had car trouble. When they weren't looking we made a mad dash across the road and into the woods. We made it unnoticed and I proceeded to scope out the dump. It was pretty big ; about 100 yards long and 100 feet down the side of the hill at about a 60 degree angle. Ed
started digging at the center and I decided on a spot near the bottom. The digging was pretty hard at first and we weren't finding anything. Then all of a sudden Ed hit a good vein of cans, pulling out 4 nice Leidigs.Then it was my turn as I hit a pocket of lo-pro cones ABC,Montery and Rainier Ale. After that things seemed to go dry. No more cans were coming up , just things typical in dumps--- bottles,rocks,chicken wire,spiders,centipedes etc.Then he hit some more Liedigs both German and Pilsner. I started digging near him and pulled out 2 Nu deals and Regal Amber Ales. What a Dump! Since it was pretty big we decided to leave and clean up our goodies and come back later. It looks like this will be a dump we could dig all summer. It was a good haul of cans as we came out with 26 Leidigs,4 Nu Deals, 4 Regal Amber Ales,6 Monterey cones , 5 ABC cones and 10 Rainier ale cones.

Happy dumping!